Delay before dial tone


I am trying to use VitalPBX 4 Comunity edition to connect Fanvil i63 doorphone and PortSIP app.
Everything is registered, but when trying to make a call, it takes about 20 seconds to get a dial tone, and then additional 2-3 rings for the B number to actualy ring.

Bellow is trafic capture from the doorphone. It starts out ok, but ten there is a 20s delay between trying and ringing.

What can i do to fix this? Is there a delay set, that i do not know about?
Thank you.

Please share a call trace with SIP debug enabled via

pjsip set logger on

Hope this is what you need.

It doesn’t contain any calls.

Please try again

asterisk -rvvvvv
pjsip set logger on

Reproduce the issue. Press Ctrl + C. Upload to and share the link.