Default Dispatchable Location


I noticed that when you create an extension or device and leave the dispatchable location on default, and then create a dispatchable location and set it as default, it won’t update the database (${DEV_TREE}/location), unless you go back to the extension and click update,
Is it possible to have this changed, that when you save a dispatchable location that is set as default, it should update all devices that are set to use the default location?

Thank you.


Per @EINM if you run vitalpbx fully-dump-config it fixes this issue.

Of course, this is a temporary fix. This needs to be addressed ASAP, because sending incorrect e911 information can sometimes be a difference between life and death. This is aside from the $fine you pay for sending incorrect e911 info.


Is there an update on this issue?


This is a serious issue. Sending incorrect e911 caller ID leads to a heavy fine.

I’d appreciate if we can get an update on this :slight_smile:


still an issue?

How does this work as i set e911 at our trunk level?

However this particular time it wasnt set at trunk level but was set in pbx. still got fined!


We addressed this issue in the latest version of VitalPBX 3. Keep in mind that the dispatchable locations are used just when the emergency numbers are defined in the Emergency Numbers module on VitalPBX.