Debian 12 Install

Currently running VPBX V3 on CentOS, looking to move to the new V4 on Debian. In testing, the install works great on Debian 11, but fails on Debian 12. Looks to be an issue with PHP8.1 needed for the php-ioncube-loader. Debian 12 comes with PHP8.2 by default. Used the repo to enable PHP8.1 on Debian 12.

Then came a problem installing Asterisk with an SSL package failure. Unable to proceed past that point.

I know Debian 12 has only recently been released but I would like to see some support for it before I migrate to the new V4 as Debian 11 will only receive support for another year or so. I love VitalPBX and I’m ecstatic to use Debian instead of CentOS.

Debian 12 is not (yet) supported.

From LTS - Debian Wiki

To be defined: roughly July 2024 to June 2026

Debian 10 “Buster” will be supported until June 2024
So Debian 11 will have to be supported for 2 more years after June 2024