DAHDI support add ons

Decided to try VitalPBX to see what it is about. However it has left out dahdi support. I was running Trixbox on an old computer until the motherboard finally burned out. I use this to keep my phone collelction running, it’s basically a home PBX which uses no VOIP services. Stupidly it is not in the program and is supposed to be an add on. However the add on list has only useless crap and this option does not exist. I will give this a day to find, but if no success I will grab my old Trixbox CD or maybe just try to install Sangoma Free

Yes, it’s best you try something different for your old and outdated PBX.

I don’t like the fact that dhadi was taken out as addon in vitalpbx either but it is what it is.

No reason to call all other Addons “crap”.

All the best with your CD installation :wink:

To solve my problem I simply re-installed it the old way. Have used Asterisk for over 20 years. I was excited to see this new GUI running on Debian, but was extremely frustrated to see that support for analog and digital hardware was not included. Wanted to respond earlier but was blocked from doing so. If you want to see more people try your PBX system, why not consider being more accommodating to the hobbyist/ phone collector community and not block us from enjoying your efforts.

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