Customer Phone Number if call after office hours

Hi Sir,

What should we do on vitalpbx to get customer number if the customer call after office hours?

We need to callback the customer next days.


Not sure I understand your question.
Do you want to know everyone who called after hours? Check CDR.
Eitherway, we usually send after hours calls to a general voicemail that sends an email.

Off Hour Incoming calls can auto outbound to during the next working hour? so it will be auto analysis this machine, then it will be time saving and more working performance of this vitalPBX.

Sorry, I will clarify my question.

Our company has a call center. If the customer calls the DID number outside of operating hours, it will hear the announcement “Our company operates from 08:00 to 15:00 Monday to Friday. Thank you”

The question is: How to get report calls that make calls outside of operating hours? We want to get the customer number, so the agent can call back during operating hours

I think you can use the Queues CallBack module for that. You have to assign a queue to your Queues CallBack item to be listed as a destination.


You can create a new queue that handles all those customers that call after hours. We recommend you defining a time group to avoid people be called after hours.

Additional Info.

You could also do a Custom Context which will send an email to you with the Caller ID.
Possibilities with Custom Context are endless.

Combine that with an IVR so the Caller can decide if he wants a callback the other day.

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