Customer name and phone not display on follow me

Hello ,
We would like to have the instructions to allow a call received with the follow me function to obtain the customer’s number instead of the company number on which the customer dialed.

For example, currently the trunk es number.

581-999-8888 - BUSINESS NAME

The customer number is

418-999-8888 - CLIENT NAME

When we receive a call from follow me, we receive on our cell phone the number of the business, not the customer.

We would like to display the customer’s number when we receive a call from followme.

Does your provider support sending custom CID numbers? I ask this because most of the providers reject the call if the presented number doesn’t belong to them.

You can try setting up the value of the field “CallerID On Diversions” to “Caller” under the “Advanced” tab of the “Extensions” module if your VoIP provider supports sending custom CID numbers.

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Thanks problem solved !

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