Custom Voicemail greeting

How can I upload currently a custom voicemail greeting to a VitalPBX extension without calling in the voicemail just by uploading a file via FTP.
What is the folder location?
And which format should the audio file be?

I know there is a request on the wish list to add this to the VirtualPBX GUI

You can upload custom voicemail greetings to /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/vitalpbx-voicemail/extensionNumber/ (in a multi tenant it will be tenantName-voicemail instead of vitalpbx-voicemail) and name the file as below

unavail.wav - for the unavailable greeting
busy.wav - for the busy greeting
greet.wav - for the recorded name

To make sure it’s the right format you can upload it to Recordings Management and download it from there.


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