Hi Vitalpbx Team,

My CRM popup URL is set as below example

URL Preview:{call_type}&callername={caller_name}&callernumber={caller_number}&calleename={callee_name}&calleenumber={callee_number}&queue={queue}

My question is:

What variable value do you take from asterisk dialplan to replace

caller_name,caller_number,callee_name,callee_number & queue?

The next question is:

How do I add “UNIQUEID” to the Popup URL?

Is it possible this way?{call_type}&callername={caller_name}&callernumber={caller_number}&calleename={callee_name}&calleenumber={callee_number}&uniqueid={UNIQUEID}

If you can’t, how can you do it?


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Hello Sir,

Currently, only the variables that appear in the CRM URL setting are taken from the call.

We will discuss with the team the possibility of adding more variables and/or dynamic variables.


Thanks update sir, im sure Vitalpbx can dinamic variable popup

As ref and may be help your team

you can get any Channel variable you might have in Asterisk. This is very powerful, but requires configuration for such variables in your own dialplan if they are not set by default by Asterisk. Also, you must configure the Asterisk Manager to broadcast the variables you are interested in by adding an entry in /etc/asterisk/manager.conf, for example:


This example will broadcast the FROM_DID variable (that is set by ipbx based system to list the DID number that was dialed), so you can use the #{FROM_DID} variable in Popup URLs.

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Thank you very much for your suggestion!

We will analyze it with the team,