Create RAID 1 during installation


How can I setup RAID 1 when installing VitalPBX?

Thank you

You don’t. If you need to ask this question, then you need to use hardware RAID.

Setting up RAID should never be a feature of an OS installation done blindly to the end user.

Yes, I know many things do this, does not make it right.


The same could be said for the file system but VitalPBX by default uses Ext4.
I know different work loads require different RAID configurations but most PBX installations should be similar.
CentOS does allow for RAID configuration during the installation.
I tried LVM and the installation failed. I then tried RAID 1 using EXT4 but for some reason during testing the second drive wouldn’t boot.
I have a similar setup using a generic Centos install ISO and that worked fine.