Continuous Spy on an Extension

Is there a way to continuously spy on an extension? We will often let operators in training spy on senior members to hear how they handle calls. It is an excellent tool. Is there a way that they can continuously listen in on all calls for an extension without spying each time?

Sonata Switchboard - Version: 3.0.2-2
FreePBX Carrier Plus 3.1.2-1
Asterisk 18.6.0-1

IIRC, VitalPBX runs the ChanSpy() with the E option.

You can request this as a feature request to be added to future released under #wish-list, or write your own dialplan which should be something like:

exten => s,n,ChanSpy(PJSIP/101,q)

This will allow continues spying on extension 101