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Hi Dev Vitalpbx,
Please confirm,

I have an agent that uses a webrtc app. Example: 4001 and assigned to a single queue, namely queue 400.

In the role manager I created a new role with the name “agent_vn” with the option “Queue Selection” not checked.

According to the information written in the tooltip text “If unselected, the will log in to all the queue they belong to”

Does it really have to be manually clicked on the “Login to Queue” icon or when he logs into the vitxi webrtc automatically logs into the queue?



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Hello sir,

In the user settings, you can configure the automatic login to the queues:


You can enable or disable the following settings:

Log into queues on startup: automatically log in to assigned queues when starting the application.

Log out from queues: log out from queues when closing the application: log out, reload or close the browser window.


You can see more details at the following link: User Settings - VitalPBX Wiki

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Hi @maynor ,

Thanks you confirmation, it clear now.


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