Configuring Park Button on Fanvil Series Phones

I need to know if there is a way to configure a Park button on Fanvil phones. I know users can dial *4 to Park a call, but we would like to have a button they can press to park the call. I have configured a button that has 700 as the value and BLF/BXFER for the type. This works fine, but we are getting Extension 700 does not exist in context cos-all in the asterisk cli. What is need to stop this message on the asterisk cli?

That’s a warning and you can ignore it!

As miguel mentions its only a warning and it shows in the logs because you set the key as BLF/BXFER which is trying to track a hint but it doesn’t exist.

I usually configure the PARK key as as a DTMF key that sends *4.

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