Communicator - How to switch accounts?

I am able to add multiple accounts to VitalPBX communicator on my smartphone.

What I can’t figure out is how to switch between accounts.

Any ideas?


Anyone use Communicator? Any developers here?

Are you talking about the VitalPBX Mobile app?

No. It is called VitalPBX Communicator.
VitalPBX Android 1.0.2 (1002)
Linphone SDK 4.2 (tags/4.2^0)

That app is deprecated in favor of the VitalPBX Mobile app.

Thanks. Is there a How To document for configuring VitalPBX to allow VitalPBX Mobil to connect?

The app is looking for a QR Code, My VitalPBX does not produce a QR Code.

Make sure you are running the latest version of VitalPBX.

Once that you have the latest version, you will see the option “Generate QR” in the devices section of the Extensions module.

Is this available unlimited in the latest Version or still restricted to 2 Extensions?
When will this change? Would be a nice “Extended Feature”.

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