Click to dial from a browser

Hello everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone has successfully implemented Click2Dial from a web browser, such as Chrome, using a WebRTC application. I’ve been searching for a Click2Call or Click2Dial app that would allow me to select any phone number from a website and call it with the VitXi app, or add it to the WebRTC app so I can simply click to call.

I’m aware that Windows 11 has a clipboard service with suggested actions that can perform this function, but it’s only available in the USA, and most of our customers are still on Windows 10.

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You can perform this with VitXi. Please refer to the following GIF for the steps:

VitXi Click to Call


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Thanks for the reply.

I knew that it could work with tel: protocol but I was wondering if there is a way to do the same with a number that is in plain text. I know some Click2Call extensions can do that.

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Unfortunately, we currently do not have any add-ons capable of performing such actions.