click-to-call missing dynamic routing on CFI

On click-to-call via the the API the Dynamic Routing List will have a “Called Number” missing.

Extension 11 (Caller)
222222 (callee)
CFI on Extension 11 set to: 333333

Everything will work fine: 333333 will be called and picks up the phone. Then 333333 will be connected to 222222 (Callee).

Problem: Dynamic Routing will only have 333333 in the Called Number List but not 222222.

Without CFI it is all is working fine.

Little explanation: ALLOW_DR will just be “ALLOW_DR=” so it will not make it into the Dynamic Routing List since it would be 333333 called 222222 instead of 11 called 222222 (which would be right).

Can we still make that work somehow??