Cisco SPA112 registration issue

Anyone had any success with setting up a Cisco SPA112 with their VitalPBX? I have tried both PJSIP and ChanSIP with no success. I would assume that most settings should be fairly straight forward. Any configuration changes that you had to make would be super appreciated.

Is the IP banned? Do you see any REGISTER attempt in sngrep?

I’m not saying that this is the issue, but worth a shot:

A lot of these Cisco devices, especially the ones with old firmware don’t take long passwords. Try to shorten the password and see if it works.

Good questions. It is not banned and is behind a whitelisted IP. I do have registration attempts, but the IP address was a local one and not NAT. I enable NAT and no longer see attempts via sngrep.

Does anyone happen to know the NAT settings for one of these devices?

Are you defining the Device as SIP or PJSIP? Are you aware that by default, SIP runs over port 5062 and PJSIP over port 5060?

I have tried both SIP and PJSIP and I updated the port based on out port settings.

Can you please share with us a the dialogue? (via pastebin)

Ok so the issue has been resolved. The proxy address has to have the port number tagged to it (123.456.789.101:5062). It’s the little details that matter.

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