Cisco Phone Provisioning

Hey Community – Is there any workarounds for provisioning Cisco IP phones that works for anyone? I have like 3 Cisco Phones (great ones might I add) and I want to be able to use them on my home network I’m trying to create. Any input would be great!

We are currently working on adding cisco phones for the provisioning system we hope to include this feature in the next update.

When is the next feature update?

I think it could be ready in the next couple of weeks can’t give you an exact date at the moment, we are also working on polycom if that is also of interest for you.

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Aww man, I wish I would have known. I literally overlooked a polycom and bought a grand stream 2170. Ok I might decide to just wait it out. Do you have any potential workarounds for the Cisco phones?

We are actually documenting on cisco to be able to add to the provisioning system so I’m afraid I can’t give you any tips for now please stay tuned for future updates.

Ok well sounds good! I look forward to seeing this happen. I literally was upset and had deleted the system lol,

Any word on this? I’m interested in Polycom.

We are still working on it, we plan to include polycom phones provisioning in the next update.

Am I correct? Has this been added already? I do see some Polycom but I want to confirm with you.


Yes polycom provisioning is already available in the latest update.

You can provision all cisco phones with Vital PBX. Send me and email at and I’ll provide all the files needed.