Cisco 7961 voip phones not registering


I’m switching a FreePBX installation to VitalPBX.
Softphones are correctly registering on PJSIP endpoints but Cisco 7961 does not.

I disabled firewall, fail2ban and put the network on whitelist for testing so it is not such problem.

Only think I can think about it’s something related to NAT but I cannot find where to disable it, anyway any other suggestion is welcome.

Thanks in advance

Do those Cisco Phones really support PJSIP? You might try SIP with Port 5062.

And about NAT the forum is full of it:

PJSIP is still SIP, there’s nothing special that a SIP endpoint which works with the RFC standards has to do, to be able to support it.

I thought I had issue with incoming or outgoing calls before when mixing SIP and PJSIP. BLF might not work properly either.

From what I understood, OP is having trouble registering the devices.

Anyway, Cisco 79XX phones are probably the most challenging phones to get to work with SIP as they were built for SCCP.

@stperin, are these phones flashed to use SIP?

In the asterisk console run:

pjsip set logger on

Try to register, upload the output to and post it here.

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