Cidlookup script not being executed ????

We are running VitalPBX 3.2.3-9.

Last friday, we suspected our CID Lookup was broken (website issue) and I disabled it.
Did this via: PBX → Inbound Routes → CID Lookup ==> none.

Now on Monday, I have tried to activate the CID Lookup again
Did this via: PBX → Inbound Routes → CID Lookup ==> CidLookupFPK
However we do not get any CallerID anymore from the script.

“CidlookupFPK” is the name of the CID Lookup executing a PHP script to fetch the CallerID.
I have not altered the script in anyway.

I seems our VitalPBX is not REALLY executing the CIS Lookup script.
In the log I do however see lines like:
[2023-04-17 14:55:37] VERBOSE[12049][C-000000ab] pbx.c: Executing [CIDLOOKUP-9@cid-lookup:1] NoOp(“SIP/77707059027-0000030a”, “Executing CID Lookup: CIDLookupFPK”) in new stack

but my PHP-script is not executed (I think).

At least the logging of my PHP-script (logging all CallerID) is not changed.
Executing the PHP script from my browser using the same external URL does execute the script correctly.

Can anyone help me out, to determine if our CID Lookup script DOES get executed ?
And what line/URL is REALLY executed ?