CID Lookup - using HTTP/HTTPS & BulkVS

I am looking for some help in configuring my VitalPBX server to successfully query BulkVS for CID Lookup. I have read the Wiki on how to generally configure this, but I cannot seem to quite get the syntax correct. Does anyone have a sample configuration that they have used to make this work?
One more thing: Do I need to put CID Lookup on each tenant, or can I just put it in the “main” tenant and have it work for all of the tenants under it?

I’ve attached my configuration so far on this, and redacted the API key.

Please share their documentation.

Their documentation is fairly sparse, but here is what’s on their faq from their website. I’m thinking that I’m just not getting the query string correct. Thanks for your help!

BulkVS http & https CNAM FAQ

Try using ${CALLERID(num)}

I gave that a try, but it still doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Should I only have to set this up in the “CID Lookup” section, or would it be better to use the CID Modifier portion instead? They both seem to do a similar function. I also checked the log files, and I can see no mention of a lookup even being attempted on my inbound calls. I may not be checking the right log file, however!

Can you try running it manually? does it return any data?

You know, I thought about that, and it does not give me anything other than an a 401 error. I thought I should be able to just put that URL into a web browser and try it. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to work with BulkVS, but I wouldn’t see why not. I didn’t really think there was a lot to all of this, so it may be a permissions/authentication issue with them. I will investigate that side a bit further and let you know.

From bash

curl KEY&did=2024561111

Replace API KEY with your API Key

Did you get the ID value from the REST API section? or the SOAP API?

Miguel, I arrived at the same conclusion you did there. I was using the REST API instead of the SOAP. It works fine now with curl or in a web browser. However, incoming calls still don’t seem to be fetching any data with this. I have tried setting it up under both the tenant and the main tenant, just to rule that out. Neither one appears to do a lookup.

I figured out a way to make it work. Instead of putting the configuration into the “CID Lookup” area, I instead put it under “CID Modifiers” using HTTP/HTTPS. I then placed this modifier for use on the incoming routes, and it queries and displays the names without a problem. The downside to this method is having to do it on every route, but this is not a big problem.
I used the following to do this:**SOAP API KEY**&did=[CIDNUM]

Yes, would be nice to have a hook before inbound routes.

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