CID Lookup doesn't show the CID Name of an incoming number


We want to report an issue with CID Lookup and phonebooks add-on.

We this version “VitalPBX Carrier Plus 3.2.3-8”


and this addon:

In our inbound route we defined the CID Lookup: Teste_CID:

Inside PhoneBook we just have this number:

In CRD we see this:

In VitXi we receive only the number and do not show the name in PhoneBook Teste_CID:

In physical phones, the result is the same.

I follow this video :

and the manual:

Could you please fix the issue?

Thanks for your attention.

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Are you sure the Call is entering that inbound route?

Would you mind sharing the CID Lookup configuration form?

Is this form that you want?


Sorry for my mistake :pray:.

After I check my Inbound routes, I saw that the phonebook wasn’t applied in the right Inbound route :shushing_face: