Changing the week Day start in Time Groups module

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Is there a way to change the week start day to be Saturday instead of Monday? We have a lot of customers in the Middle East Area and the Their weekend is just one day (Friday) and sometime 2 days (Friday & Saturday). and while setting their Time Group for their Celebrations and Fasting Month like Ramadan, we have to create a lot of rows to just cover their working times or off office times like for a simple example: Working times for just one month as below
Saturday till Thursday
From 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
From 9:30 pm to 12:30 am
and we had to do as in the below image:

is there a way to set the week start day per tenant or even per Vitalpbx?
We were able to do so in just less rows as would appear below:

So if there is no way to change the “Week Start Day”, could we have to select the wanted days as above?

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If you want to make this happen in the easy way write me a PM. We have a solution for that and other time condition issues.

If you refer to use phpmyadmin and do as below, that wouldn’t helpful

Import/export time conditions
all on own risk root ssh cd /usr/share/vitalpbx/www wget unzip access via http://yourserverIP/phpMyAdmin-5.2.0-all-languages login: UN: vitalpbx PW: vitalpbx DB: ombutel Table: ombu_users do what you need to do Attention: Rename that folder or delete the folder again for security reasons Or you use the mysql commands but this i more handy for other stuff.

What we need is to enhance in the Vitalpbx so no update affects our customized work

Yes it will survive any update and we are not talking about changes via phpmyadmin.
We are talking about a dynamic calendar with many destinations.