Changes to Tenants / creating Tenant


I have noticed some strange activity when committing any changes to tenants in the Admin > Admin > Tenants screen. When creating any new Tenants or making any changes to any Tenants in that screen seems to cause all the extension’s contacts for all of the existing Tenants to begin to error, and then any inbound calls to these tenets then begin to fail. some times they will begin to reconnect and turn green, but on some occasions, the VitalPBX instance has needed a full reboot before inbound calls will start working again.


If you need any more information please let me know, I am eager to avoid this issue as we need to be able to add tenants without affecting everyone that this is using the system.

Thanks in advance.

In the PJSIP Settings, set the parameter “Allow Transports Reload” to “no.” You can always disable this parameter after configuring the NAT Settings.

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Oh, interesting!

Thank you I will try that :wink:

Thank you @miguel

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That did the job! thnk you again @miguel :smiley:

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This has been an issue for a long time. How about setting this to no on new installations?

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