Capture digits in IVR


Is it possible to capture data, such as a ticket number, in the IVR to display it in a pop-up for platforms like Salesforce or ServiceNow? I use Dynamic Route and set caller id in Fr**PBX, but I can’t figure it out in VitalPBX

You should use custom context for that.
You could copy code from /etc/asterisk/vitalpbx and find an IVR that you created and then with some Asterisk Dialplan skills copy and edit that dialplan and make a custom dialplan / custom context.

Custom Context:

How to make after call done hanged up from caller or callee to curl action on API endpoint

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure how to do it. Can you please provide more details? I’m really new with Vital

Keyword is hangup handler.
Vitalpbx uses it in their dialsplans as well. Study it and you will find.
On queues for example. There is an Agent Hangup destination for example. Save that and then check the dialplan created.

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