Cant sign into PBX

I recently updated a v4 PBX to the latest version. I’m not sure if the issue is related.

Now when trying to sign in after entering 2fa I get this error.

I cannot reboot the system during the day. Is there anything I can do now to regain access to the GUI? Any advice?

Have you changed the root password for MariaDB/MySQL?

This error can’t be solved by executing the command below. Nonetheless, if you have changed the MariaDB/MySQL, you must add that root password in the file “/etc/vitalpbx/database.conf” on the section “main,” and then execute the command.

vitalpbx build-db

If the command above doesn’t work for you, then you must do a full update.

apt clean all
apt update
apt upgrade -y

Keep in mind that all the commands must be executed using the root privileges.

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I didn’t change any password.


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