Can't install vitalpbx 4

Hello, I am trying to install vitalpbx 4 in ESXi. I used this guide:

The whole process is very simliar except at the end. “You will then be prompted to install VitalPBX. Enter yes in the prompt, and press enter.”. I type yes and I saw some "failed to … fetch " message. Then I see attached pic after I rebooted.

Please advise. Thanks.

Good morning

The installation of vitalpbx4 is different from version 3.

It installs Debian then has the first connection and asks to continue the installation.

Download the necessary files.

Check that your internet connection is working properly by checking the settings during the installation of Debian “DHCP or manual”.

If you are on a virtual machine, check that you are in bridge.


Debian 11 important, not Debian 12.
Try to get a Debian 11 netinstall ISO.