Can't hear person on other end


We seem to be having a random issue where the caller that we call, can hear us, but we can’t hear them. It was working for a good like 6-8 months just fine, and then randomly started having issues and has only gotten more and more problematic over time.

It’s not every time, but enough that it’s becoming an issue. I’ve upgraded the system (though it’s been a little while), and we’ve tried different phones/configurations.

Any suggestions for things to look at?

Have you tried with a different VoIP Provider? Is it a self-hosted server?

Have you used SNGREP to monitor the RTP traffic and Codecs?

Hey Miguel,

It is a self hosted server. Our VOIP provider is Twilio. Do you have any guides on using SNGREP? I’m not super familiar with managing a VOIP box.

I will tonight/this weekend upgrade the box and restart just to see if that fixes the issues. It just was happening before the last time I restarted/upgraded so I haven’t had a chance to try that yet.


Here you are.

Thank you so much. I’ll work through this over the next couple of days and hopefully have something to report back.


One Way audio is often a firewall issue. Do you use an extra firewall?

Self hosted in Cloud or on premise?

Also check you NAT Settings in VitalPBX. There are many hints here in the forum and blog.

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