Can't add a mac address that was previously used

I had a phone setup in the PBX system, and I delete it and I want to use it now under a different company, but when I go to provisioning it keeps giving me an error that the mac address is already in use.
I have looked up my whole PBX system and there is no such a MAC address and restarted it and installed the latest updates, I have tried for a different customer in version 4 and there I didn’t have that problem even after deleting I was able to add it again.

What version of VitalPBX is the one that has the issue?

I’m using the PBX1 version.

That’s not a valid version. You can get the PBX version from the Dashboard or the About modal!

VitalPBX has two major versions only, 3 and 4.

Sorry I made a mistake, the current version that I’m using 3.2.4-5.

In this case, you should delete the device via the command line.

You can delete the device using the Mac address. You must use uppercase for the Mac address.

mysql -uroot provisioning -e"delete from devices where mac='11:5E:22:33:44:55'"
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Thanks for the help, it fixed the issue and the phone is now added to our phone system.