Cannot find or delete device in provisioning module

I have an issue where I essentially have a “phantom” device that I cannot find or remove from within the provisioning module. I try to add the device in and I receive the pop-up message stating that the device already exists. I have checked every tenant in my system and this MAC address is nowhere to be found. Is there some other way to check to see if this device is otherwise somehow stuck in the system somehow?

What version of VitalPBX is this?

Do you get the same messages when adding a different MAC address?

I am using version 3.2.5-2. This does not seem to affect any other MAC address, just the specific one I have here to do. I think perhaps something did not get completed or saved at some point when I was trying to add it, but yet I cannot find it anywhere. From the CLI, I cannot find a .cfg file for this device either as I would normally see for a device of this type.

We had a similar issue in V4 where you we had that message with any mac, even one we made up, but it was fixed in a recent update.