Can not import extensions (error)

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I am trying to import new extensions and I am using the premade template of the download Import Format button.

It returns me an unreadable file, even when I try text to columns and separate it by commas. I added some new fields, like add, extension, the name, password, sip, etc.

Just like the fields of the video that VitalPBX has on their youtube channel: VitalPBX - import and Export Extensions - YouTube. I use the exact same values, but when I try to import the CSV, it says that some fields are missing.

I really don’t know what I am missing. Is this an issue in VitalPBX or am I just missing it?

Also, when I am downloading the premade template it is unreadable, but in the video of VitalPBX it is perfectly readable and usable. Different columns.

This is the error that I get:

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Hello, welcome to the community!
What version of VitalPBX do you have installed?
Can you share a screenshot of the csv file you are uploading? (remember to delete or replace passwords and sensitive data)


Could you please attach a CSV with some sample data for testing purposes?

I’m working with Serge to solve this issue.
In the attchment you will find the upload file used. VitalPBX import.csv (6.3 KB)

You have to upload a CSV file, and the values ​​do not have to be separated by commas, I’m attaching a file of how the csv should look.import.csv (7.2 KB)

Can you please explain us, how we can get all separate values in own columns as shown in your video?
Because in this format on a screen is not workable.

You can download the file format that is in the Import Extensions module, add your extensions and their corresponding data, if you are using Microsoft Word, I recommend that you save it as csv (delimited by commas), then a message will appear if you want to continue using this format and click on yes.

In the next VitalPBX version, we will support different CSV delimiters. For now, we only support commas as CSV delimiters.

This issue got addressed on VitalPBX 3.1.3

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