can not GUI logout (vitalpbx 4.1.0-1)


After update
can not GUI logout (vitalpbx 4.1.0-1)

here is screen

Are you using a valid SSL?

Execute the script below.


Then, restart Apache

systemctl restart apache2

i tried but it was same.

It beats me!

I have done test over HTTP and HTTPs and all is working flawlessly!

here is my step

vitalpbx 4.0.7.R3

a. GUI login and update. but it could not update.

b. try manual migrations *.sql files

c. vitalpbx update. SUCESS

d. vitalpbx (4.1.0.-1) GUI ERROR.

e. /usr/share/vitalpbx/scripts/apache_conf and systemctl restart apache2

f. same


new install is perfect works!

It not works, when only update issue.

It beats me too!

i fix it

it was my fault

don’t database(*.sql) migration manually.

thanks for help.