Calls inbound are not going through IVR but rather simply ringing all phones

Vital PBX 4: I recently purchased a number through VOIP.MS and I can call out. Can also call in but not call in as I would desire it.
When a call is received. It automatically goes to all the phones. I changed the inbound settings to the IVR I created but it has zero effect.

Unsure what to think of at this point.

As you didn’t post any configuration screenshots, I have to ask first, did you apply your changes after setting your inbound route? If you only save the changes to the database but not apply them the changes wont go live.

If you did apply the changes, posting a screenshot of your configuration and a call trace from the command so we can follow the call flow will help in troubleshooting your issues.

Appears to have started working when I tested later. Oddly never did anything. I’ll update here if something quits working again.

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