Calls end when forwarded with no error

So on just one of our systems, calls end when forwarded with no error, they also have the same “immediate hangup” when “Follow me” is turned on, and we’ve tested with different extensions and phones to forward to, to control for that being the issue, with no luck.

Other features of the phone, such as DND and normal operation work as normal. Only forwarding (*58) and Follow me seem to just hang up.

Rather stumped on this, so any help is welcome.

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To add more info, this only happens to 1 tenant on the PBX, other tenants are able to forward to an outside line without issue.

You can troubleshoot by using the SNGREP. In most cases, the call is rejected because the sent CID Number is not one of the DIDs purchased from the Provider.

Thanks, we sorted this out as the client had multiple SIP provider accounts and we needed to enter some rules for it to forward out of one as the inbound number was the outbound caller ID for the rules. We assumed it would just use the same outbound rules as if the extension itself called out.

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