Calls Drop After Being Transferred from Ring Group Member

Example: Extension 100, a member of Queue “Front Desk”, picks up a call from the queue. They transfer the call to extension 200. Ext 200 does not answer. Instead of reaching the voicemail of the extension, the call is abruptly terminated.

This issue only occurs with the above scenario. If we direct dial extension 100 and then have them transfer us to ext 200 we can reach the voicemail with no issue. We have tested this on multiple extensions. So, it is not isolated to just one extension. Here are the logs and exact message we see in rasterisk when this occurs. We updated to the latest release of Vital last night hoping it would resolve the issue but unfortunately it persists.

From rastersk:

== Spawn extension (sub-local-dialing, h, 9) exited non-zero on ‘Local/1020@T20_ring-group-dial-00010448;2’


Please post logs via

@getprosource did you ever figure out what the fix was? having the same problem. Any transferred call that originated from a ring group will get terminated instead of going to VM of extension if they don’t answer.