Callcabinet integration

Can VitalPBX integrate with Callcabinet for external call recordings?
I see that they use Atmos witch is a addon for Asterisk.
Will this be compatible or is there something else that we can use?
The recording needs to be regulatory compliant , hence the need for an external certified company.

Thanks for the suggestion! We will analyze it!

The short answer is yes.

Basically, CallCabinet runs a script that you call with MixMonitor() command option which can be set in VitalPBX under Settings > General Settings > Recording Script.

That call cabinet script will copy the call recording and move it to a folder on the PBX that has been configured to sync with Call Cabinet cloud.

So, all you will need to do, is figure out how VitalPBX stores the name of the caller, callee, queue, internal or external call and modify the Call Cabinet script.

You may probably also have to modify the script to rename the file so it has the proper naming and info set before you move it to the folder.

Another possible solution, is OrecX. They allow to obtain the recordings through a port mirror

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