Call waiting tone issue

I am facing an issue with call waiting tone when calling from one extension to an extension that is busy. The calling extension hears normal ringback and not a call waiting tone…

Anyone faced this? Could you please help?

Thank you.

Please give more information. So you set Call Waiting to NO in the VitalPBX extension settings?
Otherwise there will be no busy signal.

Hello mo10! No, Call waiting is set to Yes for all the extensions. My issue is that, when calling from one extension (A) to another extension (B) that is currently on a call, A does not hear any call waiting tone (e.g. double beep) to indicate that the second extension B is on the phone. Instead, you get a normal ringback tone, that is confusing for customers, since they do not know if the other extension is busy or not. In other Asterisk flavors, this feature is implemented.

Test this:
Try to set Callwating to No.
Other idea: try to set Call Limit to 1 in Extension > Advanced tab.
Another idea: set call-waiting in the phone to no.
Or look for Busy on Busy function in phone.

Test and report.