Call Recording can't play in Zoho CRM

Hello Team,

I have integrated VitalPBX with ZohoCRM. When the incoming call is completed, I can’t play the call recording in Zoho CRM ( error message: “Voice recording doesn’t have a playable audio URL.”)

I already checked the URL recording in Zoho CRM is not correct

Could you check and support me?

Thanks & Best Regards.

Your URL is misconfigured. You need

Hi PitzKey,

This link URL ( is auto-created in Zoho CRM when incoming calls.

How do I configure the link URL correctly?

Best Regards.

What is your server’s hostname?

from bash:


For example:

[root@testlab1 ~]# hostname
[root@testlab1 ~]#

Configure your domain/FQDN in the System General module. The CRM takes this value when configured.

Hi Team,

I fixed it.

Thanks for your support.

Best Regards.

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