Call from VitXi WebRTC to asterisk - 403 Forbidden


Can anyone advise-me what to do to fix this



I can make calls from my asterisk to vitalpbx (VitXi WebRTC) but calls from vitalpbx (VitXi WebRTC) to asterisk don’t work

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Your trunk is rejecting the call. It could be because you are sending the internal CID instead of an External CID.

If this is an intra-company trunk, it could be because in the other Asterisk exists the same extension.

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I send the internal number.

This is a intra-company Trunk. All the devices are with private IP and Firewall all


I had tried configure SIP and PJSIP trunks to test both, but I have the same issue and try to change SIP and PJSIP ports to 5060-5061 and 5062-5063.

The other Asterisk have extension in range bellow 70000 and my VitalPBX have 750XX

**Trunk from VitalPBX to Asterisk **



  • SIP


  • Trunk- Asterisk to VitalPBX


What more data or tests can I provide to help fix this issue?

Configure the PJSIP Trunk again and run:

asterisk -rvvvvv
pjsip set logger on

Reproduce the issue, upload the output to and share the link

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Your Asterisk server is rejecting the call. Hence, you have to verify on that server the reason for rejecting the calls from VitalPBX.

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This as my Ports in services at the moment.


I can’t do this comand (pjsip set logger on) in my Asterisk 1.4.30.

This version is very old and this is the reason replace with VitalPBX.

Can I make a tcpdump and then filter the log with protocol pjsip?

WHAT? No way anyone is still supporting that.

This is not related to VitalPBX. Your old Asterisk system is rejecting the call. Hence, you have to figure out on your own why is your old Asterisk doing that.


We found some issues in our NAT firewall configuration and after fix this, we have PJSIP in VitalPBX and SIP in our temporary Asterisk.

Thanks all for the support.

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