Call Forward feature code with Grandstream phones

We are programming feature codes in phones so that the change (Do Not Disturb, Call Forwarding, etc.) will be through VitalPBX and not on the phones themselves. The problem we are running into is with Call Forwarding On, when you click it on the phone it immediately asks you on the screen what number to forward too then sends all the info as a single string to VitalPBX but vital PBX wants to play the instructions before accepting the number. Is there a way to send all this info to VitalPBX at once, or a way (unlikely) to make Grandstream phones not ask for this info before dialing the feature code?.

Example sent string when dialing: *5918885551212

Hi, you are right it’s not well documented in the Wiki.
But check the help in feature codes.

It says:


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Not to sound nieve, but what “help in feature codes”? The only help I see in that section is if I hover over the name of the feature a small popup box.

I’m wondering what other helpful bits may be in there.

I must say this is 100% clear to me. But let’s try it again.

VitalPBX Wiki:

*58 – Call Forward Immediately, enable or disable call forwarding.
*59 – Set CF Immediately Number, set the number to which diverted calls should be sent.

Help inside VitalPBX (hover over Name):
Did you even read it?



So your number is wrong:
Must be: *59*18885551212

My apologies, I swear I looked at those pop-ups yesterday and didn’t see that but obviously I confirmed they are there. Yesterday was just one of those days where 100 things were going on at once so I’m sure it was all on me.


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