Call Center (Que) Pause reasons

This is not an issue but more of a request for an option on VITAL4. Currently, the call center does not allow agents to pause the que with a reason from their desk phone. The agent is only able to pause the que with a feature code which does not log the agents reason for the pause unless the agent initiates the pause through the WebRtc phone.

What are the chances we can get the option where the agent can pause with reason via feature code available on VITAL4?



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It can be add like the queue login IVR *52 so the user dial the pause feature code and audio message list/read all pause reasons available for this agent like press 1 for Break, 2 for Bathroom(WC), 3 for Smoke …and so one for the listed Reasons. and to un pause and if the user dials the same pause feature code again it will play message " agent un-paused

That is a simple suggestion how to get that done easily for softphone users or ip phone users