Branding: Phone's Wallpaper


please use Branding logo as “Phone’s Wallpaper” on default if Branding Module is used. Not the VitalPBX Logo as it is now in latest VitalPBX Version.


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Could please expand on this? What do you mean?


Branding is activated but it shows VitalPBX Logo there.

And additionally, with some tests on Yealink seem to show:
Changing the Phone’s Wallpaper does not seem to work. It will not change the Wallpaper on yealink phones. Tested with T48S and T57W.

Got it. We will check it.

This issue got addressed on VitalPBX 3.1.3

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I can confirm that the wallpaper settings are working now on Yealink T48S and T57W


Do you provision that Phone’s Wallpaper by default which is seen or is “Select Image” needed first?

I tried first with the default picture and after that with select image,. Both ways worked. So the default image is used when creating a new template


It is just a placeholder. It is not the default wallpaper for any phone.

It was my default Logo since I had it branded. And it workes in both ways. If my default logo was not set there was no wallpaper. So it works