BLF Keys on Grandstream GXP lineup


I have GXP 2160 phones and several other GXP models and I have the BLF key programed and it lights up when it’s suppose to, and when I press it (if it’s green) it will place a call to the extension, but if I press the BLF Key for extension 100 and I am on a different extension the phone will not pick up the line. This feature words in Freepbx, but not here.

I am using GDMS.Cloud to configure the phones, and I have tried enabling and disabling “BLF Call pickup”, and “Force Call pickup” with no luck.

When I sent it to Grandstream they asked for a Packet capture for further troubleshooting.

Any thoughts would be helpful.


I googled the problem and

For Fanvil and Yealink devices, I always set the Direct Call Pickup Code in my templates, by default its *07 in Vital (it can be custom set if you need something else). I will assume there is a similar value in for Grandstream which you just need to setup as well.

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Also: Don’t forget to add all the phones to a “pickup group” in vitalpbx. Manually: Try to dial group pickup *08 as well. Or *07extensionNumber.

Sorry but I don’ understand, where would I create the Pickup Group?

The template, are you talking on the PBX or on GDMS?

Sorry I am a little new here.


There is a menu pickup group. Just search for pick in vitalpbx search above.

Okay, I created the pickup group, but still no go. Any other ideas?

When a call comes through on the ext 103, and I press the BLF key, it shows that it dials *08103, and then tells me it can’t complete the call. Now if I dial *08 Dial, then it will pickup the call.

Thanks for any help,

*07103 would be right (*07). Try it manually. It’s the direct pickup.
This is where helv pointed to already and i repeated it as well.

*08 is the group pickup.

If you are ever in Chicago, please look me up I will buy you dinner.
So *07(EXT) does make the BLF keys work.
and *08 picks up the group.



Glad to hear.

Just to know:
Will *07(EXT) work if you delete the pickup group again in VitalPBX?

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