Backup to ftp/smb/s3/cloud/external storage etc

Please add the option for backup to ftp/smb/s3/cloud/external storage etc.

Thank you.

In the meantime you could do it with rclone and a shell script.

Some hints:

rclone config

rclone copy /var/lib/vitalpbx/static/backup/xxxxxxx RemoteName:/BackupFolderRemote

rclone delete RemoteName:/BackupFolderRemote --min-age 30d --dry-run

–min-age 30d are files that are older then 30 days
–dry-run is for testing which files would be deleted

rclone can encrypt too.

VitalPBX Task Manager Addon will help you execute your script easily.

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I’m trying to setup Rclone to do offsite backup from VitalPBX backup files, using
sudo rclone copy /var/lib/vitalpbx/backup/ backup:
running this in the command line works, running the file with the command via
bash /var/lib/vitalpbx/scripts/filename works.
but it’s not working when scheduling it via VitalPBX task scheduler.

You probably have to specify to full path to the command as it’s running under the cron user.

Was a combination of two-issue
The script file name was two words and it only used one.
Also, the script file didn’t have the write permissions.
Now it works!

Thanks, @mo10 for the idea.