Backup/Restore Exclude NAT settings


Please allow excluding NAT Settings when doing a backup or a restore. This is very useful when restoring in a different network environment.



Even if we don’t back up the NAT settings, you should have to configure them once the backup is restored.

That it true.

But the usual procedure is:

  1. Build VM.
  2. License server and install all add-ons
  3. Do initial configuration to test voice.
  4. Restore backup… Woops, all NAT settings are now messed up.

Additionally, sometimes, you would only want to restore specific stuff. So allowing the admin to select exactly what they want to restore will be a huge help.

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In the meantime, I would recommend you change the procedure steps.

  1. Build VM
  2. License Server and Install Add-ons
  3. Restore Backup
  4. Configure NAT and Test Voice

Another scenario where we are heading trouble with this:

  • we are trying to automate a nightly restore on a off-site warm spare. But when it restores, it’s restoring the NAT settings as well. :frowning_face:

You can create a script to update the NAT settings after restoring the backup.

True. I guess we’ll just wait now for an official fix.

If possible, please allow running something like:

vitalpbx backup-restore --no-nat /file/path