Audio missed in Grandstream IP Phones

Hi friends

I’ve installed a VITALPBX with SNOM and GRANDSTREAM phones, but some GRANDSTREAM PHONES like as GXP-2020, GXP-2140, BT100 have this issue:

When reach some number, the audio is missed.
We tried the call to the same numbers with SNOM phones and other GRANDSTREAM models and we don’t have any issue.
We’ve changed codecs configuration in the phones but the problem continue.

Did you update the framework of those phones to the latest version? Did you try enabling the speaker of those phones?

I guess those phones are deprecated. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Thank you

I’ll try update the phone.
Excuse me, when I said miss the audio means that when the user make a call to some numbers don’t have ring back, and on the display the call is connected, but the user can’t hear the voice of callee. With the same phone when call to other number not have problems, because of this environment I guess that is an codec issue.

One way audio issues is 99.9999% cause by NAT issues in your network, audio is simply not reaching the correct ports on your phones. So check you network config first


I can only refer to this again and again:

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