Asterisk Hangup Handlers

Dear VitalPBX Team ,
Kindly I need to know how to use Hangup handlers on queues

If no way in PBX please change to wishlist to add hangup handler context to queues

You already have the Final Destination after hangup. What would be the reason to implement hangup handlers?

Keep in mind that the features that we implement are intended to benefit all our customers!

as i know that the Final destination is the hangup from pbx side if queue has an timeout
I suggest if we need to triger action after the call hangup like
Sms , curl action and so on

Any update about this topic ?

Yes you can do this by adding a Custom Context to Queue form in final destination and in custom context you can define what would be happen when this context will be trigger

Dear Ahsan,

Hangup handlers handling hangup over all … from caller/callee both sides , but final destination only handle the queue timeout or callee hangup only …


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