Asterisk CLI command

I have a call that is stuck between two extensions under the same tenant.

I am wanting to terminate the call in the asterisk CLI.

I can do command “pjsip show channels” to see the call, but I am not sure which is the channel ID to select to actually terminate that specific call or how to use the command to terminate it.

Channel: PJSIP/FarmB1067-0000c2c4/ParkedCall Up 26:15:57
Exten: s CLCID: “Julia” <320>

Channel: PJSIP/FarmB320-0000c2be/Park Up 26:16:24
Exten: 700 CLCID: “Aubrey” <1067>

This call is the one I need to terminate.

Do I use this command this way: “channel request hangup PJSIP/FarmB1067-0000c2c4/ParkedCall”
Or is it: “channel request hangup “Julia” <320>”

Or are neither of those correct? Just not sure how to select that specific channel to hang up.

Google: asterisk pjsip hangup command


Does this not help you?

Yep.That would have helped. But I figured it out after messing with it a little bit more yesterday.

For future users who may need it and find this post

pjsip show channels
channel request hangup PJSIP/FarmB1067-0000c2c4

And that article mo10 posted shows the command

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