Assign static IP for VitalPBX in Hyper-V


I installed the VitalPBX in Hyper-V on my test server and found it can not get IP address after login.
Tried to check the steps in Installation from the ISO - VitalPBX Wiki
Can confirmed all steps followed the instruction manual.
Then i found it seem like need DHCP server to get the IP address, when i create one DHCP server in Win server 2019,the VitalPBX get one IP address which in the IP pool of DHCP server.
It works on my test server when there is DHCP server on it.

As the server that will be installed with VitalPBX cannot running DHCP service, all the equipments in the system must with static IP.

So anyone can share how to assign one static IP address for VitalPBX ?

Set a small DHCP scope, once the server got an IP, log into the PBX and change the IP to a static outside the DHCP range.

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