Assign a trunk to a custom context

We would like to assign a trunk to the ‘cos-all’ context. It is a tie trunk to another PBX & want to be able to dial extensions directly.

Looked at the custom context module but don’t need to create a new context, just assign a trunk to an existing one.

Don’t see a ‘custom’ file in the /etc/asterisk/vitalpbx directory & as expected if we make a manual change in the file system it is overwritten on the next save.

What is the best way to accomplish this?


You can select the desired Class of Service/Context in the trunk itself.

After changing the CoS, you will get a warning; ignore it and press “I understand and confirm.”

@miguel mahalo for that, that doesn’t seem to change the context. Is there a way to do that?


The context “trk-2-in” contains the required dial-plan to route the call to the desired CoS.

You can see the context with the command below.

asterisk -rx"dialplan show trk-2-in"

I run the command but do not see the association with the class of service and the context the trunk is in.
2022-03-23 15_17_11-Clipboard

If I wanted the trunk in the ‘cos-all’ context how would I specify that in the Class of Service?
I can’t find any documentation on this, can you please point me to it or explain a bit more?


2022-03-23 15_24_12-VitalPBX — Mozilla Firefox

Not sure how to associate the context with the CoS.

Don’t you see the cos-all-trunk?

Have you at least tried your configurations after updating the trunk?

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