API V2 click_to_call Validation

Can you add validation to the click_to_call API? for example when “caller” (device) is not registered, or when (device) is not found.

Example 1 :

curl --location -g --request POST ‘GoFIBER Internet
–header ‘app-key: a6eedd123b57ddd998765’
–form ‘caller=“790”’
–form ‘callee=“97647708765”’
–form ‘cos_id=8’

Device / Extension : 790 not found on Extensions

Example 2 :

Device / Extension : 790 found on Extension List but the state is not register


There are a lot of users who rely on Click to Call to ring their extension that has follow me to external phone numbers, same with people who want to use this for external phone numbers. This will break it. Perhaps there should be an optional header, such as:

--form 'online-device-validation=true'

Hi Sir,

Return API status = success, and message “Call performed”,…

I need if extension doesn’t exist will be return “status”:“error”, “message”:“extension not found”…

and if extension not register will be return “status”:“error”, “message”:“extension not register or unreachable”…


Not sure what this is in response to. This does but address the issue I raised.

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The caller can be an extension or not, so, validating if is an extension or not will be useless. The idea of the click to call is to implement it with a third party software or your website. Internally, you can define a valid extension or number to be used as caller.

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